Natalie Schulte Photography


  1. Travel Diary: Andalucía, Spain

    12 Dec 2017
    Summer 2017 Spain I was both terrified and completely excited for my travels across Spain. The original plan was a few days on my own in Seville and a little under a week in Marbella on the beach with my friend Izabella before heading to Morocco from there. However, the…

  2. Travel Diary: Sicily, Lake Como & Salzburg

    07 Dec 2017
    Summer 2017 All of the traveling I did over my first few months was simply a warm-up for the adventures I had this summer. Places like Florence, Cinque Terre and Paris were magical, but they were also places I had already been to. I was determined to fill my summer…

  3. Finding Confidence in Solo Travel

    21 Nov 2017
    When I decided to move to Europe, one of my biggest unspoken fears was the inevitability of solo travel. I knew it would have to happen if I wanted to check off everywhere on my bucket list. However, my mind would immediately leap to the absolute worst, either getting mugged…

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